About the Red River Steakhouse

Y’all have just found yourself one of the best kept secrets in Texas – The Red River Steakhouse® in McLean, Texas as well as another brand new great location has been opened to serve the fine people of Amarillo, Texas and surrounding areas. Its a place that embodies the spirit of the wild west, the power of great hunters, and the classic feel of Route 66. Fast becoming one of the most talked about Steakhouses in Texas, both of the Red River Steakhouses® are places you will always remember and return to every time you are in the area.

Only The Best Cuts of Beef are served at the Red River Steakhouse

Texans Know Beef!

As for the food – the quality and quantity is the best to be found anywhere on Route 66. Whether you try one of the world famous hand cut steaks, cut from the best choice aged beef available, or enjoy the secret catfish recipe your taste buds will be delighted. Maybe you are in the mood for a hand battered Chicken fried steak – made like no other, it is cooked on the flat top, never deep fried, so you can expect a tender mouth watering steak that you can really savor.

On the weekend starting at 5:00pm the BBQ is just coming off the smoker. Friday morning our master BBQ chef starts the mesquite fire in our special made cooker then places our top quality pork ribs over the coals. Each rack of ribs is seasoned with our special rub to give it that one of a kind taste, then slow smoked til they become fall off the bone ribs. Saturday mornings starts much the same way except we bring out the Prime Rib! We choose the largest certified hereford beef ribeyes we can fit in our smoker and by five o’clock we have a herd of hungry cowboys ready for a Texas sized meal.